Senegal has a number of systems in place to regulate judicial and extrajudicial mediation and conciliation procedures. Under the Plan for an Emerging Senegal (PES), the Senegalese government initiated major judiciary reforms which included efforts to improve the business economy in Senegal with the aim of attracting investors to the country. This is also an integral element of the Justice Sector Program (JSP) which is being developed under the Economic Governance Plan (EGP). The EGP seeks to increase the effectiveness of economic and financial dispute resolution, particularly in regard to contract performance and the protection of investors by reducing processing times. Thus, a decision has been made to give priority to alternative dispute resolution methods that favor the amicable settlement of both civil disputes and trade and financial matters. This decree was passed in 2014 and aims to harmonize the existing legal provisions on mediation in Senegal and to establish a National Mediation and Conciliation Committee which will ultimately facilitate the further development of mediation in the region.


Thierno Diallo is a legal expert in international business law and a mediator for the Institut de Médiation et d’Arbitrage du Québec (IMAQ). He is also an arbitrator at a number of arbitration institutions and has served as a legal expert in contract law at TechGen International SA (1991-2000). Mr. Diallo presently sits as a member of the National Mediation and Conciliation Committee of Senegal.



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