The present state of mediation in Poland has been influenced primarily by two major themes: 1) the legacy of the Solidarity movement from the early eighties, when the ground-breaking agreement between the Communist regime and the workers from the Lenin Shipyard was negotiated, and 2) the powerful trend to modernize almost everything in the country, including the legal culture.

The historical negotiated agreement between the Communist regime and the workers of the Lenin Shipyard provides powerful justification for efforts to negotiate and seek solutions that provide “No winners and no losers,” as said by Lech Wałęsa, the former leader of Solidarity. The imperative to modernize the country demands reorganization of the dispute resolution system in order to reduce backlogs in the courts and provide citizens with faster, more affordable and “tailor-made” solutions.

Senior Fellow – Poland

Maciej Tański is a full-time mediator and co-founder of the Partners Poland Mediation Center (Centrum Mediacji Partners Polska – CMPP), a leading non-governmental mediation initiative in Warsaw.


Katarzyna Przyluska-Ciszewska is a Polish lawyer, mediator, international dispute resolution specialist, and neutral evaluator. She specializes in complex commercial, construction, and property related cases.


Mediation Status in Poland Today

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