South Africa

For centuries in traditional societies and communities, local leaders and chiefs have facilitated the settlement of disputes in their respective jurisdictions through the use of non-adversarial methods. The goal was to promote reconciliation, while sustaining peace and preserving coherence in the tribe. For example, a fine paid by the perpetrator of a dispute would be used to buy a goat to be consumed by everyone in the community, including the perpetrator.

The field of modern mediation first developed in South Africa during the 1970’s. It was primarily used for labor cases, when disputes began to emerge as a challenge to the Apartheid laws. Since then, mediation has become fairly established in labor, community and family cases.

Senior Fellow – SOUTH AFRICA

Mr. Pat Mkhize LL.B, LL.M is the founder, director and principal mediator of the Mandulo Foundation, a nonprofit organization he established in 2009 that focuses on community development and access to justice initiatives.


Mediation Developments in South Africa

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