Lebanon follows the Roman Law System (Civil Code). Its court system is based on two codified procedural Laws, civil and criminal. The codified statutes bind Lebanon’s courts and judges. There is currently no court-related ADR Programs. The only recognized form of ADR is Arbitration.

Lebanon’s Civil Procedure Law regulates Arbitration and its rules and also provides the courts the authority to name the arbitrator(s), when parties fail to agree on the selection of an arbitrator. The courts have the sole authority to enforce the arbitration award, as well as review requests for its annulment.

While arbitration is currently practiced on an ad hoc and institutional basis, mediation, on the other hand, is only practiced on an ad hoc basis.

On September 24, 2018 The Lebanese Parliament voted for passage of the Judicial Mediation Law. The law is designed to go into effect six months from the date of publication.


Georges Feghali is a lawyer, mediator, arbitrator and ADR professional practicing at the Georges Feghali Conflict Management & Resolution Office in Beirut, Lebanon. He further serves as a Regional Mediator at the UN and the World Bank for the Middle East and North Africa region and France, with an ability to work in Arabic, English and French. He provides Ombuds services for the UNRWA in the Levant.


Significant Mediation Developments in Lebanon

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