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The underlying aim, in the aftermath of the 1999 Kosovo war, was transitioning the country from a socialist, centrally controlled economy to a free market economy. This was not an isolated undertaking, but encompassed social, political, and economic challenges.

A dysfunctional rule of law system and a practically destroyed judiciary were a legacy of the war. Inevitably, disputes arising during the transition led to an overburdening of the courts. After the declaration of independence in 2008, the government of Kosovo committed to improving its rule of law system. The development of ADR and mediation were key to strengthening the judiciary and reducing the case backlog in the courts.


Anjezë Gojani is a lawyer and works as a legal advisor for government agencies, including the justice, commercial and ADR, and recently, healthcare sectors. She previously served as the Secretary General of the first established institutional arbitration center in the country, the Kosovo Permanent Tribunal of Arbitration.


ADR Developments in Kosovo

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