Fellows Feature: My Dual Cultural Identity

I am Australian-born of Chinese ethnicity. I feel at home in both Australia and China. Whenever I am in one country, I miss the other. I have a Chinese name and an English name. I celebrate every new year twice. I play Aussie sports and drink Chinese tea.

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Modern Mediation Developments in Bhutan – Court Annexed Mediation

Bhutan has a long history of resolving disputes through mechanisms, such as mediation. According to some sources, traditional mediation, commonly known as nangkha nangdrik in Bhutanese, has been an integral part of Bhutanese culture and tradition, dating back to the 7th century.

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Senior Fellows Regional Conferences

To address conflict resolution initiatives throughout its global network, the Weinstein International Foundation convened a series of five regional conferences in Italy, Singapore, the Republic of Georgia, Peru and Kenya.

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Mediation and Accountable Policing

The concept of accountability in public services covers a range of democratic responsibilities and good governance, such as legal compliance, regulatory standards, transparency of decision-making and fiscal probity.

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The State of Mediation in India Today

With more than 27 million cases pending in its courts, India faces immense challenges to quick and efficient dispute resolution. There is a growing recognition throughout India that confining dispute resolution to an adversarial system of litigation and arbitration is not tenable.

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