Senior Fellows Regional Conferences

To address conflict resolution initiatives throughout its global network, the Weinstein International Foundation convened a series of five regional conferences in Italy, Singapore, the Republic of Georgia, Peru and Kenya. The goals of the conferences were 1) to strengthen Fellows’ mediation practices in their own countries; 2) to enhance collaboration among the Fellows by providing training and opportunities for educational exchange; and 3) to explore how Fellows can help mediate public interest disputes in their communities, such as conflicts involving natural resources, migration, land use, environmental issues, and gender issues.

During the conferences, the Foundation’s Leadership Team and Senior Fellows further discussed subjects such as the need for comprehensive roadmaps for foreign governments to establish mediation systems; how to make the case to governments and the private sector why mediation is needed to enhance foreign direct investment and foster the rule of law; how best to train foreign officials and ministers on mediation techniques; and how to identify and mediate disputes which threaten to adversely impact the Fellows’ communities, countries and regions.

These regional conferences have resulted in strengthening one of the largest interconnected group of international mediators in the world. The Fellows now are positioned to help address the stresses that threaten the world’s collective peace and prosperity. But more much needs to be done if we are to overcome the challenges we face.

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