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Tuba Bilecik

Senior Fellow – Turkey

Tuba Bilecik is a corporate attorney and accredited mediator with dispute resolution experience in Turkey and abroad.

About Tuba Bilecik

Tuba Bilecik is a corporate attorney and accredited mediator with dispute resolution experience in Turkey and abroad.
She has served as the general counsel of Indeks Group, a market-leading IT products distributor in Turkey. As general counsel, she worked on a wide variety of matters, ranging from corporate and transactional law to commercial contracts, employment and labor, tax law, consumer law, intellectual property, and compliance issues. In addition to her role as general counsel, she further served as the secretary of Indeks Group’s board of directors and a member of the corporate governance committee.
Since 2015, Ms. Bilecik has continued to serve as Indeks Group’s general counsel on a part-time basis, while developing her private practice as a corporate attorney and a mediator to assist businesses and individuals in the effective resolution of their disputes.

Ms. Bilecik possesses a strong sense of commercial acumen and the ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with executives and employees of all departments of an organization. She is particularly effective in conveying complex legal issues to non-lawyers. She combines excellent strategy development and implementation skills with a strong moral compass and the ability to look at any problem from multiple vantage points.
As a mediator, she regularly mediates a wide range of commercial disputes. She is registered with the Turkish Ministry of Justice Mediation Department’s Expert Mediators List for Employment Disputes.

Litigation Practice

  • Business litigation insurance coverage
  • Employment law
  • Tax law
  • Construction and real estate law
  • Professional liability
  • Personal injury
  • Intellectual property law

Mediation Practice

Since her accreditation as a mediator in 2014, Ms. Bilecik has mediated hundreds of mediations at a high settlement rate in the following fields:

  • Business and partnership disputes
  • Contract, product liability disputes
  • Intellectual property, trademark and licensing disputes
  • Real estate disputes, construction defects
  • Insurance coverage claims
  • Personal injury and torts
  • Employment disputes, including: discrimination, wrongful termination and workers’ compensation
ADR Achievements and Training

  • Ms. Bilecik has served both as the Project Coordinator and a Mediator of the first Turkish Community Mediation Center, in collaboration with Beşiktaş Municipality (Istanbul). This center greatly contributed to promoting mediation and raising ADR awareness among Turkish citizens.
    Regularly speaks at mediation events for lawyers and businesspeople both in Turkey and abroad
  • Awarded a Weinstein JAMS International Fellowship (2017)
  • Trained in mediation in accordance at the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, Pepperdine University School of Law (2017)
  • Advanced training from the Center for Negotiation and Dispute Resolution, University of California Hastings College of Law in designing and implementing dispute resolution systems for private and public entities (2017)
  • Among the first Attorneys in Turkey to successfully complete a 48-hour mediation training program at Bilgi University Istanbul, leading to her accreditation as a mediator by the Turkish Ministry of Justice
  • Successfully completed more than 200 hours of advanced mediation and negotiation training in addition to basic mediation training and underwent additional training in order to specialize in employment dispute resolution and workplace mediation

ADR Teaching and Mentoring

  • Ms. Bilecik is currently mentoring several young professionals from different industries as part of a Young Business Person Mentoring Program, supporting companies to prepare future leaders. Her mentorship focuses on assisting young professionals in increasing their leadership skills, in managing their disputes efficiently, and enhancing their ability to build and maintain better relationships through efficient communication.
  • Ms. Bilecik has served as a judge for the ICC International Mediation Competition every year since 2016.

Publications and Education


Ms. Bilecik was a member of the working group on mediation legislation, providing recommendations for amendments to the Turkish Mediation Law for the review of the Turkish Ministry of Justice.

She has authored numerous articles for newspapers, law journals, newsletters, sectorial magazines and other publications.

Educational Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) from Marmara University (2002)
  • Graduate Diploma in Law from BPP University Law School London

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