Francisco (Paco) Gimenez-Salinas

Senior Fellow – Spain

Paco Gimenez-Salinas is a lawyer, full-time mediator and a dispute resolution and compliance specialist working for the Green Climate Fund.

About Paco Gimenez-Salinas

Paco Gimenez-Salinas is a lawyer, full-time mediator and a dispute resolution and compliance specialist working for the Green Climate Fund. The Green Climate Fund (GCF) – a critical element of the historic Paris Agreement – is the world’s largest climate fund, mandated to support developing countries as they raise and realize their ambitions towards low-emissions and climate-resilient pathways.

Mr. Gimenez-Salinas is a full-time mediator and Founder of NEUTRALES ADR, a private ADR provider initiative in Barcelona, Spain. Established in 2016, Neutrales ADR seeks to promote different forms of dispute resolution, including: mediation, arbitration, and expert evaluation in highly innovative business sectors, such as biomedical, pharmaceutical, and high-tech industries.

Mr. Gimenez-Salinas is a lawyer, who has devoted himself to ADR for over a decade. As a mediator, he has participated in different forms of problem-solving initiatives throughout Latin America and Europe.

Mr. Gimenez-Salinas began his mediation career in Barcelona, where he was a partner in a well-known law firm and practiced as a litigator and member of the legal team for the stock exchange. After completing post-graduate studies in conflict resolution, he moved to Mexico, where he served as a mediation consultant to different NGO’s and international organizations, such as the World Bank. During that time, he participated in large multi-stakeholder negotiations on public agenda issues, facilitated dialogue between government agencies and civil society, and mediated large labor cases, as well as commercial, family, and environmental cases.

After residing and working in different Latin American countries, Mr. Gimenez-Salinas moved to Washington, DC, where he worked for the Inter-American Development Bank as head of the consultation phase for the Bank’s accountability mechanism (MICI). The consultation phase of MICI provides a voluntary and impartial process, where people and communities who have complaints about the Bank’s funded projects work together with the Bank toward finding solutions. While serving as head of the consultation phase of MICI, Mr. Gimenez-Salinas led a team of mediators working throughout Latin America on multimillion-dollar public projects involving government agencies, ministries, indigenous communities, and national and international NGO’s, among others.

Now in Korea, Mr. Gimenez-Salinas continues to mediate complex cases worldwide. These cases usually involve executing entities of Green Climate Fund projects (ministries of the environment and agriculture mainly, private companies and communities). The latest cases he managed in 2021 and 2022 were located in the countries of Morocco, Nicaragua and Paraguay.

Mr. Gimenez-Salinas is a member of the Bar Association of Barcelona and a former member of the Board of Directors of International Jurists, LLC.

Litigation Practice

Mr. Gimenez-Salinas’s litigation practice focused on commercial and civil law, including:

  • Commercial contracts, such as international contract disputes
  • Property and real estate development
  • Trademark and intellectual property rights
  • Insurance law
  • Company and employment law
  • Environment protection and public interest litigation

Mediation Practice

Mr. Gimenez-Salina has practiced as a mediator for over a decade and has mediated several hundred cases with a high rate of settlement. His diverse mediation experience includes:

  • Corporate and commercial, such as breach of contract, trademark, and intellectual property rights infringements
  • Real Estate, including: construction liabilities, construction financing contracts, and lease contracts
  • Labor, including: harassment at the workplace, labor contract termination, and Expat labor relationships
  • Family law, including: divorce and international abduction of children
  • Insurance law
  • Financing operations
  • Will and probate law
ADR Achievements and Training

  • Lecturer in different Spanish and Latam Forums on negotiation, mediation and conflict resolution.
  • Weinstein JAMS international Fellow (2014)
  • Certified mediator by the Government of Catalonia (Spain)
  • Certified mediator by the Africa Dispute Resolution Center
  • Certified mediator for company and community mediation in complex environments

ADR Teaching and Mentoring

  • Lecturer in mediation at the Centro de Investigación de Derecho y Economía (CIDE), Ciudad de México
  • Lecturer in Conflict Resolution at Universidad Claustro de Sor Juana, Mexico
  • Lecturer in Conflict Resolution in Ipade Business School, Mexico

Publications & Education


Mr. Gimenez-Salinas writes regularly on his personal and professional websites on the topics of negotiation and mediation.

In the field of ADR, he has co-authored an article on the impact of culture in the negotiation processes that was published in the Washington Law Journal.

Educational Qualifications

  • Master’s Degree studies in Conflict Resolution at the Universidad de Barcelona (2004)
  • Law Degree at the Universidad de Barcelona (1998)

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