International Stalemate: Dispute Resolution and Diplomacy

In collaboration with the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine Caruso School of Law, the Weinstein International Foundation sponsored a groundbreaking global conference in November 2022 on the role of dispute resolution in diplomatic interventions worldwide.

The event began with an important exploration into the conditions that contribute to stalemates and to the emergence of conflict both domestically and around the globe.

Attended by dignitaries, judges, lawyers, mediators, and other dispute resolution professionals, the conference discussed how ADR practices and principles fit within existing diplomatic frameworks, with the goal of developing synergies that advance mediation competencies and skills in diplomatic efforts.

“Many civil conflicts around the world are in stalemate where neither side is likely to prevail. Stalemated conflicts are of grave global concern. They result in human death and suffering, and burden neighboring countries who must absorb and care for displaced populations. Stalemates also encumber the collective action needed to address cross border challenges such as climate change and the allocation of food, energy and natural resources. New approaches for resolving them are urgently needed.”
– Ambassador David L. Carden (Ret.)

For additional materials and guidance on resolving disputes and diplomacy, please see the links below:

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