Fellows On The Move!

The Weinstein International Foundation proudly congratulates the Senior Fellows listed below on their accomplishments on behalf of leading international organizations in the field of mediation and dispute resolution in 2022:

Spyros Antonelos (Greece) became Senior Specialist Ombudsman at the International Finance Corporation (IFC CAO – Dispute Resolution, World Bank Group) in 2022. He previously was appointed as the first full-time, in-country staff World Bank Group Mediation Officer in Europe and Central Asia from 2019-2022, mediating multicultural workplace, providing training and consultation, and promoting mediation in 27 countries.



Gabriela Ourivio Assmar (Brazil) was appointed Mediator for the International Labour Organization based in Geneva. She has worked as a full-time mediator with over twenty years of experience and a recognized pioneer in the development of conflict resolution in Brazil. She has mediated over several hundred disputes involving a wide variety of issues, including: commercial, corporate, multi-stakeholder (social and environmental), family, criminal and community conflicts.



Ruslan Mirzayev (Azerbaijan) serves as head of Education and Training at the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Court or Arbitration and ADR Center in Paris, where he has been in charge of global capacity building and policy in mediation and arbitration since his appointment In early 2022. He is an ADR expert, International mediator, trainer and international arbitration attorney qualified in the State of New York and Azerbaijan with extensive experience in international dispute resolution.



Nana Nincic-Osterle (Serbia) is Executive Director of the international Mediation Institute WAIL a non-profit public initiative that develops global professional standards for mediators and advocates involved in collaborative dispute resolution and negotiation. As Executive Director, Ivana is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Institute, under the direction of the Board of Directors.



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