Mahmoud Mourad

Senior Fellow – Egypt

Mahmoud Mourad serves as legal counsel and the chairman of the mediation panel for the government of Dubai. He is also a mediator with the Global Mediation Unit at the UN Ombudsman Office, as well as with the Arab Mediation Center in Cairo. Moreover, he is a Chief Judge at the Egyptian Courts of Appeal.

About Mahmoud Mourad

Mahmoud Mourad was seconded from the Egyptian Judiciary to serve as legal counsel with H.H the Rulers Court for the government of Dubai. He serves as the chairman of the mediation panel which is responsible for mediating all disputes involving governmental entities. He accepted this position with the approval of the Supreme Judicial Council in Egypt, with an agreement to defer his position as a Chief Judge at the Egyptian Courts of Appeal.

Mr. Mourad also serves as a mediator with the Mediation Global Unit at the Office of the Ombudsman for United Nations Funds and Programmes. He is responsible for the offices in both the UAE and Egypt within the jurisdiction of this unit. Mr. Mourad also serves as a mediator with the Arab Mediation Center in Cairo. Moreover, he is a trainer of mediation, ADR, and legal skills with many institutes around the world, including ABA Roli.

Mediation is Mr. Mourad’s passion. He believes that mediation is more than just an alternative for resolving commercial disputes. It is, rather, a tool for providing community peace. As a former police officer, prosecutor, judge, legal counsel, lawyer and mediator, Mr. Mourad has experienced dispute resolution from multiple perspectives. These experiences guide his commitment to mediation as the ideal process for advancing conflict resolution in Egypt, the MENA Region and beyond.

Mr. Mourad’s mediation journey began in 2010, when he followed his passion and attended a series of courses with UPEACE, where he studied conflict resolution analysis, negotiation, mediation, and conflict transformation. He subsequently co-founded the first NGO of its kind in Egypt, Mediation for Community Development Organization (MCDO), an organization that aims to promote community peace. Through MCDO, Mr. Mourad and his colleagues ran a series of meetings, workshops, events, camps and training courses targeted at promoting peace within the Egyptian community. The focus was primarily on the elimination of sectarian violence between Muslims and Christians, the reduction of sexual harassment during public events and the inclusion of diverse groups in Egypt. These efforts helped prevent violent conflict during the heat of Egypt’s recent political turbulence.

His position as legal counsel to the government of Dubai affords him the opportunity to practice mediation in a unique international commercial hub, allowing him to interact with many cultures involved in major disputes.

Litigation Practice

Mr. Mourad has litigation experience as an Egyptian Judge and as an attorney for Dubai’s government. His recent practice with the Dubai government includes both arbitration and the courts. Most of the cases that he viewed or represented include the following practice areas:

  • Commercial disputes
  • Construction disputes including major infrastructure projects
  • International commercial disputes
  • Labor disputes
  • Civil disputes
  • Tenancy disputes
  • Company and employment law disputes
  • Torts
  • Family disputes
  • Administrative law

Mediation Practice

Mr. Mourad has served as a mediator since 2010 and continues in this role with the Dubai government. He has conducted numerous mediations involving conflict between ethnic groups, international commercial transactions, construction, workplace disputes, employment/labor disputes, torts, aviation/transportation disputes and civil disputes.

ADR Achievements and Training

  • Weinstein JAMS International Fellowship (2016)
  • Founding Member, Mediation for Community Developments Organization (MCDO), an NGO that uses mediation to resolve community disputes in Egypt (2010)
  • JAMS Commercial Mediation Training Program, Cairo, Egypt (2016)
  • International Court ADR Court Institute Hastings Center for Negotiation and Dispute Resolution, CA (2015)
  • Basic Mediation Training, Center for Alternatives in Community Justice’s (CACJ), PA (2013)
  • Conflict Analysis & Resolution, Conflict Transformation, Mediation, and Negotiation, The Institute for Peace Studies & University for Peace, Cairo, Egypt (2010)
  • International Arbitrator Preparation, Arabic International Arbitration Center, Cairo, Egypt (2006)

ADR Teaching and Mentoring

Mr. Mourad has conducted the following trainings and courses:

  • Early prediction and intervention in conflicts for prevention of sectarian violence – A series of invited meetings and trainings in conjunction with MCDO
  • Introduction to ADR for law schools graduates – Multiple courses conducted with ABA ROLI in Egyp
  • Basics of Mediations for Judges in Egyptian Economic Courts – Multiple courses conducted with ABA ROLI in Egypt
  • Mediation for family disputes for Egyptian Family Courts – One course conducted with the Egyptian Justice Department
  • Conflict resolution in the workplace for Egyptian Judges – Multiple courses conducted with ABA ROLI in Egypt

Publications and Education

Educational Qualifications

  • Master of Laws (LL.M) (Specialized field of study; Arbitration & Mediation & Negotiation), Penn State, Dickinson School of Law, PA (2014)
  • Master of Laws (LL.M) (Diploma in International Commercial Law & Diploma in Private Law) Ain Shams Law School, Cairo, Egypt (2003 & 2010)
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Law and Police Science, Police Academy, Egypt (1997)

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