Senior Fellow – China

Jiang Heping is a presiding judge and director of the Mediation Centre of the Second People’s Court of Dongguan City.

About Jiang Heping  

Jiang Heping is a presiding judge and director of the Mediation Centre of the Second People’s Court of Dongguan City. He has presided over 4,000 cases since his appointment. In 2009, the Supreme People’s Court of China designated the Dongguan No. 2 People’s Court to establish a national court-annexed Alternative Dispute Resolution pilot program that Judge Jiang designed and implemented. Judge Jiang is committed to establishing court-annexed ADR programs and promoting the development of a modern mediation system in China.

Judge Jiang has designed a set of mediation training courses based on Chinese culture and his international mediation training experience. He has conducted mediation trainings throughout China and has trained over 1,000 professionals.

Litigation Practice

Jiang Heping’s litigation experience focuses on civil law including:

  • Contract law
  • Property law including landlord/ tenant disputes
  • Consumer protection
  • Tort law, including medical negligence and traffic accidents
  • Labor law
  • Family law

Mediation Practice

Judge Jiang has mediated several hundred cases. His diverse mediation experience includes cases in the areas of:

  • Personal injury compensation, including medical negligence and traffic accidents
  • Contracts disputes
  • Family disputes, including divorce and child custody
  • Consumer disputes
  • Labor disputes
ADR Achievements and Training

  • In addition to establishing the Mediation Centre and designing court-annexed ADR programs at the Dongguan No.2 People’s Court, Judge Jiang’s mediation initiatives have been accepted by the Supreme Court, including pre-mediation, neutral evaluation, and mediation panels.
  • Selected as a member of China’s Rising Leaders Delegation to visit the United States (2012)
  • Awarded a Weinstein JAMS International Fellowship (2011)
  • Mediation training at the Hong Kong Mediation Centre (2012)
  • Visiting Scholar at the Gould Center for Conflict Resolution, Stanford Law School (2011)
  • Attended a mediation training program provided by the Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC) and became a recognized mediator of the SMC (2010)

ADR Teaching and Mentoring

Judge Jiang has been a mediation trainer for the last five years and has conducted numerous mediation trainings and workshops for judges, lawyers, and People’s mediators throughout China.

Publications and Education


Judge Jiang has translated and published more than twenty articles on ADR. He co-authored The Practical Handbook of Pretrial Mediation published by Peking University Press and The Understanding And Application of ADR Mechanism published by People’s Court Press

Educational Qualifications

  • Master of Law from ZhongNan University of Economics and Law (2003)
  • Bachelor of Literature and Bachelor of Economics from Wuhan University (1995)

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