Mediation Developments in Cameroon

Arbitration is now developed in Cameroon to the extent that there is a fully functional national arbitration center with seasoned arbitrators who undertake many cases each year from Cameroon and the Central African sub-region. In addition, there are courses, both at the graduate and postgraduate levels, in arbitration, mediation and negotiations. The challenge, however, is that arbitration is primarily limited in its application to large transactions in major cities.

For ADR to be effective, it should be encouraged at the regional, divisional and sub-divisional levels. An effective way to do that may be to create arbitration tribunals in most regional and divisional courts to undertake and settle disputes involving small claims. In light of the current political crisis affecting the country, alternative disputes resolution mechanisms, especially negotiation and conciliation, shall be put to the test.

By Enga Kameni, Senior Fellow – Cameroon, Weinstein International Foundation

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