Lilian Vargas

Senior Fellow – Argentina

Lilian Vargas is the executive and academic director of the Fundación Instituto de Mediación and coordinator of the FIMe Community Mediation Center, a member of the Federal Net of Community Mediation Centers under the Ministry of Justice. An attorney for over thirty-three, she also serves as a mediator on the federal roster of the Ministry of Justice and the Justice Tribunal in Chaco.

About Lilian Vargas 

Lilian Vargas holds a Master of Arts in Conflict Resolution and is frequently a guest lecturer and trainer on negotiation, mediation, restorative justice and conflict resolution in Argentina and internationally.  Since 1998, Ms. Vargas has been responsible for training activities at the Mediation and Conflict Resolution Office of the Federal Ministry of Justice.  She has also served as a member of the legislative committees in charge of the following law projects: Judicial mediation, family mediation, ADR rules for the Civil and Commercial Code of Procedures, as well as the Youth, Adolescence and Family Code of Procedures. She is the co-author of several books on conflict resolution topics.

Mediation Practice

Registered as Mediator in the following rosters:

    • Judicial Mediator:
      • Superior Justice Tribunal, Chaco Province (1996)
      • Federal Roster of the Ministry of Justice (1996)
    • Family Mediator:
      • Superior Justice Tribunal, Province of Chaco (2010)
      • Federal Roster of the Ministry of Justice (2010
  • Coordinator of the FIMe Community Mediation Center as member of the Federal Net of Community Mediation Centers, Ministry of Justice (2014-present)
  • IDB Consultant, Trainer and Lecturer for the Community Mediation Program in Panama at the Procuratory of the Federal Government (2008; 2009; 2017)
  • Executive and Academic Director of Fundación Instituto de Mediación (1995-present)

Litigation Practice

Lilian Vargas has been an attorney for over thirty-three years of practice before the Federal and Chaco state courts.

ADR Achievements and Training

ADR Achievements

  • Member of the Legislative Committee in charge of the “Childhood, Youth and Family Code of Procedures Law” Project, specifically for CR topics (2017)
  • Intern, School of Conflict Analysis and Resolution, George Mason University, Universidad Javeriana, Colombia, and OAS for Conflict Resolution in Natural Resource Management and Exploitation Training, Bogota, Colombia (2014)
  • Avon Prize, 5th edition, as Solidary Woman for the Project “Let’s Build Together Our Future” (2012)
  • Fellow, Institute for Inclusive Security for the Colloquium “Across Conflict Lines: Women Mediating for Peace” (2011)
  • Intern, Iberoamerican States Organization Program “Helping Mobility for Peace Building” (2010)
  • Intern, International Institute for Peace Education, Cartagena Seminar and Workshop (2010)
  • Weinstein JAMS International Fellowship Award (2010)
  • Intern, OAS and George Mason University, representing Argentina: “Analysis and Conflict Resolution: Building Capacity for the Democratic Change of Americas,” Washington, D.C. (2009)
  • Author of the “Legislative Project of the Family Mediation Law” (2008) and “Judicial Mediation Law” Projects (1998)
  • Member of the LAC Platform of the GPPAC (Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflicts) (2004-2008)
  • Intern, International Cooperation Spanish Agency (AECI) for participation in the Preparatory Workshop for the XIF Iberoamerican Judicial Forum, Bolivia (2007)
  • Intern of the ToT for Peace Corps (Non-Violent Peace Force) (2006)
  • Internship, CDA (US) for the ToT on Conflict Resolution within Development and Reconstruction of Violent Post Conflict Training (2004)
  • Arbitrator, IDB-FOMIN Program (2003)
  • Prize given by the Federal Sub Secretary of Social Welfare of the Project “Let’s Build Peace” (2001)
  • Member of the Legislative Committee in charge of the “Judicial Mediation Law” Project (1998-1999)
  • Honored by the Federal Secretary of Social Welfare and UNESCO for the “SEARCHING PEACE” Project (1998)
  • Scholarship, Federal Ministry of Justice, to support the Masters of Arts in Conflict Resolution, Yellow Springs, Ohio (1997-1998)
  • Responsible for Social, ESR and Cultural Projects and Programs under 20-30 UN Schedule/Agenda (1997-present)
  • Legal Advisor and Counselor (ad-honorem), Congress of Argentina (1996-1999)
  • Executive and Academic Director of Fundación Instituto de Mediación (1995-present)
  • Legal Advisor and Counselor of the Vice Governor, Province of Chaco (1990-1991)
  • Fellow, Council and Denver International Program (1990)

ADR Training

  • II, III, V and VI International Seminars for Family Business Enterprises Consultants (IADEF) (2013-2014; 2016-2017)
  • Family Business and Enterprises Specialization, ADEN and San Francisco University, California
  • Organization Culture, School of Psychologists (2012)
  • Member of Non-Violent Peace Force’s Trainer for Trainers (2006-2010)
  • Communication within Organizations, La Selle Institute (2001)
  • Strategic Management, UNIDA y Universidad Bolivariana de Chile (2001)
  • Responsible for Training, Mediation and Conflict Resolution Office, Federal Ministry of Justice (1998-present)
  • Conflict Resolution Trainer of Trainers (ToT), School of Mediation, Federal Ministry of Justice (1997-1999)
  • Negotiation, PIL Program, Harvard Law School (1996)
  • School and Family Mediation specialization, Federal Ministry of Justice (1996)

ADR Teaching and Mentoring

  • Professor at UCES, Social and Business Sciences University, Career: Governmental and Political Sciences, Public Conflict Resolution Workshop (2011 to 2015)
  • Member of Non-Violent Peace Force’s Trainer for Trainers (2006-2010)
  • Guest Trainer/ Lecturer in Argentina: (2002 – current)
  • Guest Lecturer/Trainer Internationally: United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Checz Republic, Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, Spain, France, Chile, Curazao, Venezuela, Cuba, Panama, Finland and Bahamas

Publications and Education


  • Columnist on ADR and Family Business topics, Newspaper Norte (1998-present)
  • Co-author, Chapter: “ADR Methods within the Code of Civil and Commercial Procedures of Chaco,” Chaco Code of Procedure, ed. Contexto (2017)
  • Co-author, Chapter: “Communication Within Families and the Family Organization,” PROFESIONALIZACIÓN DE LA EMPRESA FAMILIAR (Family Enterprises Professionalization) (2016)
  • Manual on Gender Violence for the Police Force, Province of Chaco (2014)

Educational Qualifications

  • Master of Arts in Conflict Resolution, McGregor School of Antioch University, USA (2001)
  • Postgraduate Specialization, Scientific Research Methodology, School of Business, UNNE (1999)
  • Postgraduate Specialization, Damages Law, Palermo University (1996)
  • Postgraduate Specialization, Associative Business and MERCOSUR, School of Law, UNNE (1996)
  • Attorney at Law, School of Law and Political Sciences, Universidad Nacional del Nordeste, UNNE, Argentina (1987)

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