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Advancing A Culture of Mediation in Dubai

The world is facing a collection of existential challenges that require the creation of new tools and global partnerships. Mediation is one of these tools.

On Friday, March 10, 2023, WIF’s Board Members, Senior Fellows, dignitaries and dispute resolution experts from around the world will gather in Dubai for a roundtable discussion on the importance of developing a culture of mediation in the region.

The purpose of this event is to discuss how best to promote the use of mediation for resolving disputes and developing mediation and appropriate ADR in Dubai. In addition to the best possible local speakers representing public and private mediation stakeholders, WIF’s Board of Directors and select members of its global network of Senior Fellows from across the region will be present to discuss how WIF has helped to develop the most appropriate dispute resolution systems for countries, governments, and businesses around the world.

As the global community confronts an increasingly rapid pace of transformational change, we need effective processes to manage internal and cross border disputes. This invitation-only roundtable event invites select speakers and participants to discuss how global organizations and communities can evolve to ensure the effective and efficient resolution of disputes while helping to develop mediation to address the challenges that lie ahead.

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