Senior Fellow – Ukraine

Galyna Yeromenko is a lawyer, full-time accredited mediator, and founder of the Ukrainian Mediation Center (UMC) at Kyiv-Mohyla Business School, a leading organization in the promotion and establishment of mediation in Ukraine.

About Galyna Yeromenko

Galyna Yeromenko is a lawyer, full-time accredited mediator, and founder of the Ukrainian Mediation Center (UMC) at Kyiv-Mohyla Business School, a leading organization in the promotion and establishment of mediation in Ukraine. UMC was founded in 2018 with the support of the International Financial Corporation – World Bank (IFC-WB) to develop mediation and corporate governance in Ukraine.

Ms. Yeromenko previously worked at the court, and at the Institute of State and Law, under the Academy of Science. She has more than thirty years of experience managing educational institutions, such as Vice-President of the International Management Institute (George Soros Foundation) and founder of the Human Resource Management Center. This background informs her professional focus on the persistent growth of mediation in Ukraine and in other post-soviet countries.

She has conducted mediation training in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Ukraine, upon request, from organizations, such as IFC-WB, United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Eurochamber (EU), SEQUA (Germany), and GIZ (Germany), among others.

Ms. Yeromenko provides consulting services regarding the creation and management of sustainable mediation practices. She frequently organizes workshops for all Ukrainian mediators to train, support, and encourage their success.

She led the Commission on Mediation, ICC Ukraine and was Advisor to the President of ICC Ukraine (2012). She also served as the first President of the National Association of Ukrainian Mediators (2014) and was involved in drafting the Law on Mediation (2015-2016).

Ms. Yeromenko is currently working to expand the field of mediation in Ukraine, so that it applies to additional fields, such as healthcare, organizational culture, online dispute resolution, direct sales, and revenue and debt issues.

Litigation Experience

Ms. Yeromenko’s litigation experience is primarily in civil law, including:

  • Commercial contracts
  • Property and property development
  • Entrepreneurial activity
  • Civil liability

Mediation Practice

Ms. Yeromenko has been a mediator since 2008.  Her clients include international organizations, such as USAID, and others. Her diverse mediation experience encompasses:

  • Family business
  • Corporate governance
  • Contracts
  • Consumer business
  • Family disputes
  • Pre-contractual mediation
ADR Achievements and Training

ADR Achievements

  • Ms. Yeromenko’s case: “Collaboration Competence Development” went through a blind evaluation and was selected for presentation at the 6th Conference of the EuroMed Academy of Business, Portugal (2013)
  • Recipient, “Era of Mediation” Award “For achievements in theoretical and applied research technologies of alternative dispute resolution,” Kazakhstan (2012)
  • Weinstein JAMS International Fellow (2010)
  • Nominee, CEDR Award for film on mediation, (produced by UMC team with assistance from IFC) UK, (2008)
  • Award, “Yaroslav the Wise,” Academy of Legal Sciences (co-author, Manual on Civil Law) Ukraine (2004)
  • UNIDROIT Fellow (Research on civil liberty), Italy (2001)

ADR Training

  • Training for Trainers (TOT), Ukrainian-German Project (2018)
  • “Effective Interactions with Stakeholders and Lobbyists” and “Crisis Communications” Ukraine, Germany (2015-2016)
  • TOT (Wirtschaftsmediator/in, IHK, Germany (2014)
  • Wirtschaftsmediator/in, IHK– Academy of Munich of Chamber of Commerce, Germany (2014)
  • Training, Conflict Resolution Center, Chicago, Illinois (2010)
  • Summer School, Mediation (Family Mediation, Eldercare Mediation, Mediation in Medicine Sphere), Hamlin University, Minnesota (2010)
  • Training “Mediation in an Organization: Settlement and Prevention of Conflicts and Disputes through the Use of Mediation Skills” conducted by experts of Saint Tomas University, U.S. (2009)
  • Seminar, “Mediation and Negotiation Curriculum Development” (supported by IFC and Harvard Law School), Sarajevo, Bosnia (2008)
  • Accredited as a mediator and trainer, CEDR, UK (2008)

ADR Teaching and Mentoring

  • Provides basic mediation training to increase the pool of private mediators in Ukraine and internationally
  • Provides negotiation and mediation workshops for business executives, business owners, etc.
  • Since 2015, UMC has provided the training course “Business Mediator (Wirtschaftsmediator/-in) IHK,” the only Ukrainian-based training on business mediation providing a German certificate
  • Created Club for Mediators at UMC to 1) support alumni mediators from different centers, not only UMC graduates, and 2) promote the mediation awareness to those unfamiliar with the process

Publications and Education


Co-author of textbooks and manuals on civil law, legal encyclopedias, scientific monographs and articles

Author of many publications on mediation in Ukraine and abroad, including:

  • “Conflict Dynamic” (magazine article) Germany
  • The Variegated Landscape of Mediation (as coauthor for the chapter on Ukraine) Utrecht University (2014)
  • Case Studies (as coauthor) Swiss National Science Foundation
  • “Alternatywne sposoby rozstrzygania sporów w Polsce, w Niemczech i na Ukrainie” (as coauthor) Poland

 Educational Qualifications

Ph.D., National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, V. M. Koretsky Institute of State and Law, Yaroslav Mudryi National Law Academy of Ukraine (1995)

Law degree, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (1987)

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