Polish Judges Training on Mediation

With the support of the Weinstein International Foundation, Katarzyna Przyłuska-Ciszewska and Monika Włodarczyk, collaborated with the Polish section of GEMME, the European Association of Judges for Mediation and the Polish ProMediation & ProWellness Foundation to host a training for judges on mediation.

During this three-day training, 46 judges from various judicial circuits gathered in Warsaw to acquire new mediation skills, including:

  • Mediation practices in US courts
  • Mediation practices in the courts of European Union countries
  • How to submit a case to mediation in Poland and useful tips for submitting a case
  • How to prevent burnout using mindfulness and bodywork

Throughout the program, participants learned more about both mediation referrals and mediation sessions, including how to assist parties in reaching agreement. The participating judges were then given the opportunity to apply these skills in mock mediation sessions.

Participants also learned new wellness and mindfulness techniques to help alleviate stress.

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