International Mediation Writing Competition

The Weinstein International Foundation organized its inaugural International Mediation Writing Competition in the spring of 2021. Among the first of its kind, this innovative event encouraged law students from nine different countries to submit a mediation brief on behalf of a client preparing for the mediation of a litigated dispute. Entries were evaluated by a distinguished panel of judges, including one of the foundation’s Senior Fellows and designated representatives from participating law firms and law schools in the respective countries, including Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Egypt, Ecuador, Mexico, Pakistan, Republic of Georgia, Romania and Singapore.

The Weinstein Foundation would like to thank the students, the partnering and participating law firms, the co-sponsoring organizations, and the judges who made this competition possible. Their invaluable contributions were instrumental to the success of this event.

One student winner was selected from each of the participating countries and received a prize of $1,000. The Weinstein International Foundation congratulates the winners, including:

  • Altai Ismayilov (Azerbaijan)
  • Charikleia-Nefeli Gkoutou (Cyprus)
  • Maria-Camila Moncayo Rovalino (Ecuador)
  • Mohamed Essam Abdelfattah (Egypt)
  • Nino Agniashvili (Georgia)
  • Galo Martin Márquez Ruiz (Mexico)
  • Alexandra Marinela Popescu (Romania)
  • Slevin Chua (Singapore)
  • Aitizaz Asher (Pakistan)

This international competition contributed to the development of the mediation field through providing the next generation of lawyers with important information and resources about what constitutes an effective mediation brief. At the time of this event, little had been written on the topic of mediation brief writing, and this competition provided participants from across the globe with a unique opportunity to cultivate this essential skill.

The Weinstein International Foundation works through a global network of ADR-trained Senior Fellows from around the world, who have developed the cultural understanding and local knowledge necessary to promote the resolution of conflict through mediation and other dispute resolution practices, in their own countries and beyond. The WIF Senior Fellows leading the International Mediation Writing Competition in their respective countries were: Ximena Bustamante (Ecuador), Eleni Charalambidou (Cyprus), Sherif Elnegahy (Egypt), Constantin-Adi Gavrilă (Romania), Tat Lim (Singpaore), Ruslan Mirzayev (Azerbaijan), Nudrat Ejaz Piracha (Pakistan), Giorgi Tsertsvadze (Republic of Georgia) and Fernando Navarro Sánchez (Mexico).

The WIF Board members have been actively engaged in the development of materials aimed at providing guidance on how to write a thoughtful and effective mediation brief. Resources on this topic can be accessed below:

To learn more about the Foundation’s Senior Fellows and co-sponsoring organizations in their respective countries, click here.

The Weinstein International Foundation continues to discuss the possibility of a second iteration of this competition, and will announce any developments in the coming months.

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